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July 4th Weekend


Hello, KNV Solutions will be closed from July 1st - 4th. We will resume normal operations on Tuesday July 5th. Support will be available on-call and activations will still be processed. Please know support responses and activations may take slightly longer than usual during the 4th of July weekend.   Thank you for being the better part of KNV Solutions.

Return of PayPal


Hello! We are happy to announce we have brought back the ability to pay via PayPal! All PayPal payments will be manual, and we no longer will support PayPal Subscriptions. Thank you!

Limited Time Offer! Get $10 Account Credit!


Hello! We're offering $10 in account credit to anyone willing to switch over from PayPal to our Credit/Debit carc processing module before the date we are getting rid of PayPal! This incentive is just to help make the transition smoother, and allow everyone to switch over, over a period of time. If you would like to take advantage of this, please contact us via Support!