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Official PayPal Phaseout - 9/30/2021


Hello, We previously posted a news article here about our phasing out of PayPal as an offered payment processor. The date that PayPal will be removed is 10/1/2021, and the last day to pay with PayPal will be on 9/30/2021. Evening hours, going into the early hours of the first of October we will cancel all PayPal Payment Subscriptions, and automatically convert all PayPal Payment methods on our ...

PayPal Phaseout - Q4 2021/Q1 2022


Hello, Due to unforseen changes coming with PayPal, and the lack of API controls we are going to be ending our support for their platform as a payment option. As of this moment, we do not have an exact date for when this change will take place, however it will be in Q4 of 2021, or Q1 of 2022. PayPal Business Debit cards will continue to work through our Credit/Debit Card Payment Module. We ...

SMS & Mobile Notifications Update


SMS & Mobile Notifications will now come from 877-404-6932. The messages sent are automated, and responses will not be monitored. If you need help please make a ticket to us, or send us an email at support@knvsolutions.com for client assistance, or billing@knvsolutions.com for billing related matters.