Issues connecting to LTE with a Sierra device


Having issues connecting your Sierra device?


Thank you to our client Thomas A. for providing a guide:

  1. Under Admin -> Radio Module Firmware, remove the secondary (non-Verizon firmware, which was AT&T in my case).
  2. Download the Generic Operators North America Firmware from
  3. Install the downloaded GENNA-UTMS firmware in Admin -> Radio Module Firmware
  4. Set "Network Operator Switching" to "Disable" in Admin -> Radio Module Firmware. This prevents the device from automatically selecting the VZW firmware and allows manually selecting the GENNA-UTMS firmware.
  5. Click "Activate" beside the GENNA-UTMS firmware and wait for status lights to stop flashing
  6. Enter "VSBLINTERNET" (in CAPS) under WAN/Cellular -> Cellular -> General -> User Entered APN
  7. Select "IPv4 and IPv6 Gateway" under WAN/Cellular -> Cellular -> General -> IP Address Preference
  8. Click Apply
  9. Click Reboot

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