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  • Official PayPal Phaseout - 9/30/2021

News: Official PayPal Phaseout - 9/30/2021

Published: 08/02/2021


We previously posted a news article here about our phasing out of PayPal as an offered payment processor. The date that PayPal will be removed is 10/1/2021, and the last day to pay with PayPal will be on 9/30/2021. Evening hours, going into the early hours of the first of October we will cancel all PayPal Payment Subscriptions, and automatically convert all PayPal Payment methods on our website to the credit/debit card payment processor (Stripe 3D Layer Checkout). You will need to add your card details, or email us securely at "billing@knvsolutions.com" with your card details and we can add it to your account for you.

You may also select from all of the other payment modules, which we have provided a list below:

  • Credit/Debit Card

  • Venmo/Mail In Check (Bill Pay)

  • Manual ACH/Wire Transfer

  • Crypto Payment (Through our partner, Coinbase)

We are always are looking on more ways to allow our customers to pay, making it easier and more accessible for everyone.

PayPal Business Debit cards will continue to work through our Credit/Debit Card Payment Module. We understand some use PayPal for their security, and we hear your concern. We want all of our clients to know our card processing module is encrypted with bank-level security and encryption. Our billing platform also utilizes SSL (Secure-Socket Layer) to safely transmit data from you to our servers. If you wish to have a safer option, we accept cards issued by Privacy (https://privacy.com) which gives you a virtual card number to make your payment. 

Thank you for being the better part of KNV Solutions.